Apr. 10th, 2010

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I am one worn out dude!

Got up early this morn to send Storm on her way... she's going to Florida with her grandparents for spring break. We had breakfast at IHOP and gave hugs all around and then off she went. It will be strange not having her here.

After that, we stopped at Home Depot and got paint to redecorate Storms room. She wants a "forest" theme, so she's getting green tones and a photographic wall mural of a forest. It will be cool.

Got home and decided today was the day to get the yard ship-shape. Some of the weeds were starting to remind me of Day Of The Triffids. First mower start of the season and it fired on the first pull... yeah! Mowed the yard, and it was slooow going. Got that done, did 98% of the weedeating and ran out of string. Too bad, I'm on a roll. Keep going. Leaf blowered sidewalks clean, then carted off old bricks and concrete from the driveway expansion.

Arranged to borrow [livejournal.com profile] ianlyzu's hubbys truck, and bought a load of hardwood mulch for Mels garden. Unloaded that, decided it wasn't enough, got a second load. I then spent the next several hours shoveling, wheelbarrowing and raking said mulch into attractive formats, which recived approval from the wifey.

Then cleaned it all up, took a shower, ate a leftover, and became a possibly permanent addition to this couch.

On a side note, I know there are parts of me that are not sunburned to a crispy neon red, but I am too tired to look for them!!!

Much was accomplished today.

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