May. 20th, 2010

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I decided to use my lunchbreak today to do some geocaching. I found and logged two caches and eyeballed the likely location of a third. I have a very good geocaching app on my phone so I can look up cache locations on the fly, which is perfect for these spur of the moment outings.

There are a number of reasons I like geocaching, but one of the top ones is it leads me places and sights I would otherwise never have experienced. Just today, I found:
- a sign detailing an unlikely wetlands reclamation project, hidden behind a bowling alley
- in a recessed stairwell, a matress, toothbrush , and other belongings... a homeless person sleeps there
- a time capsule location, noted on a bronze plaque set into the sidewalk in front of an abandoned theater, hidden behind a shopping center
-the amazing scent of honeysuckle!

I encourage you to try this sport/hobby. You will be amazed to discover what is hidden all around you, geocache and otherwise.

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