Jul. 6th, 2010

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Recap... life went boom at the end of 2009, with job loss, a surgery, and loss of insurance.

About three months ago we saw some improvement when I found a full-time (contract) position working for a resort management company in Asheville.

My contract period is now up, and I am pleased to report I have been hired on full-time. This status includes:
- a near 50% pay raise over my contract rate
- health, dental, and life insurance
- 401k
- decent paid time off
- *very* generous discounts at our resorts in the USA and Carribean (woot!)
- work from home 2 days/week

And, they counted my contract time towards the "wait period" most new hires have to go through, so i can start receiving benefits immediately.

That is improvement #1. :)

Improvement #2 is that i received a serious offer to buy my domain name "misterx.com". Usually these offers are not in good faith... russian hackers usually, or someone wanting to buy it for $200. I have dozens of email addresses @misterx.com, and 100+ online accounts that use these email addresses. $200 doesnt even begin to cover the hassle of updating it all. So when i got another inquiry, i didnt waste time. I told them to make it worth my while, it would have to be a 4-figure price tag, and the deal would have to go through an escrow service. Usually, you mention escrow, and you never hear from them again. This guy, on the other hand, said escrow was fine, and offered $3500! I, feeling lucky, said i was looking for closer to $5k. We settled on $4250. The transaction just completed, i should get my money by this time tomorrow. That will be our new roof. :)

Chugging along....


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