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Just some pics of the family and misc friends. It was a sunny, breezy day. There were kites, smiles, and a baby.

1. Storm flying one of the parafoils

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Several weeks ago we were scheduled to have dinner over at [livejournal.com profile] nonspecific 's house, and a big storm swept through the area. When we arrived, there was no power. But there was a grill, and there was tinfoil, and we had a great time despite the lack of electric current.

1. The dinner spread, by candlelight.

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Went shopping today for clothes. I picked up:

3 pairs of pants
1 pair of jeans
6 long sleeve shirts
2 short sleeve shirts
2 pairs of slacks for Mel
2 pairs of jeans for Storm
1 dress for Storm

Total: $39.50

Thrift stores rock. :)

Here: have some wintry weeds...

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I called the main news dept, the reporters associated with the story, emailed via their comments form, and posted about it in the comments to the story. I'm glad they listened.
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My heart goes out to all those involved, particularly the children.

The one my heart does not go out to is the shooter. He would do this during a children's program? I have different thoughts for him.

The Knoxville news reports a "manifesto" was found in the shooter's car:
But they aren't saying what it contains. There is of course rampant speculation, which I'd rather we didn't get into here. I'll wait for more facts.

If you're interested, here is the murder warrant against the shooter:
I find it bizarrely irresponsible that the paper is not redacting the names, home addresses and phone numbers of witnesses. At worst, this could be endangering their lives if there are other nutcases out there, and at least it could subject them to unwanted harassment and attention. I have already called the paper to request the info be redacted, and emailed them as well. It it technically public info? Maybe. It is still irresponsible? I think so.

On a side note, I think it is time to arm up again. I say that with some sadness. I sold several guns to finance my photography. Maybe it is time to reverse the process.

I just watched a news conference with the Knoxville Chief of Police. He said the letter in the car indicated:
  • The shooter indicated one of his reasons as being hatred for the liberal movement in general
  • The shooter indicated hatred for gays specifically (the church was flying a banner stating gays were welcome)
  • The shooter chose this church intentionally

Edit 2: Video about the letter:
Video is called "KPD Chief talks about the letter found in Adkisson's car"
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This happened in the car last weekend. Luckily I remembered my mp3 player has a voice recorder.

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