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Took this at First Friday... I had her stand near a shop window that had a neon sign.
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Not too long ago, a certain person who shall remain [livejournal.com profile] nonspecific was at our house, obstensively to retrieve her child, but really to hang out. In the process of hanging, as often happens, my camera found its way into my hand, and photos were taken. These are those photos. Plus a couple extras. :)

1. Nonspecific:

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Lorelei and I went to Rock Creek Falls today. Man, that was one UPHILL trek. But, a fine reward when we finally reached the falls. And about two minutes past this fall is another, but I didn't get any photos of that one.

1. One shot from way back, to show scale

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She *can* do this, but mostly doesn't. This from a few weeks back.

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By Hannah, Lorelei, and friends.
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We're driving over to my parents house for Easter, and we come around the bend to see a small dog eating some roadkill on the double yellow. "Yuck," I say, "That puppy is eating that dead whatever. I'm glad I'm not a dog."
"Dad, don't talk about eating, I'm *starving*," says Storm, with great drama.
"Since we were talking about eating roadkill," I say in my defense, "I figured it didn't count."
"Dad," she says somberly, "I'm really hungry."

Later on, we all take a walk across the field to see if the chickens laid any eggs. As we're walking, Lorelei asks "Mom, do chickens self-pollinate?" Mel gives her this wide-eyed "do you have the brain-worms?" look. "No," I say, "Bees have to fly from chicken to chicken, building up chicken pollen on their legs, before the chickens can make eggs." Mel turns to me with a combination of wonder and fear, a look of "Oh crap, it's contagious" on her face, and starts putting some physical distance between herself and the rest of us.


Apr. 9th, 2007 07:18 pm
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Lorelei, stylin' it

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=== Episode one - from an old video we watched today ===

I come upon Lorelei sitting on the floor. She's threeish. She's putting on a large sock of mine.
me: What are you doing?
Lorelei: *giggles*
me: Hmm? What are you doing??
Lorelei: [singsong voice] I'm not going to tell yooouuuu.
me: What? Why? Why not?
Lorelei: I'm not going to tell you because I'm preg-a-net with my babies.
me: [long pause... remember, I'm not used to this yet] Oh... really...
Lorelei: Yes, because you don't want me to have babies.
me: I think you might be a little bit young.
Lorelei: [no response]
me: How did you get pregnant? (he asked, cringing)
Lorelei: [correcting me] Preg-a-net...
me: How'd you get pregnant?
Lorelei: Preg-a-net...
me: [a tad more firmly] Pregnant.
Lorelei: [long pause... looks at me. then quietly...] preg-a-net.
me: Ok. How'd that happen?
Lorelei: Um, I just took off and found some babies at the baby store and... and I said "May I please have some of your babies?" and the lady... and she said "Of course."
me: And she put some babies in your tummy for you?
Lorelei: [thinks about this] Sure... they just opened up my tummy and they saw as many beds in there. And she said "I'm to put all my babies in there"...
me: Really?
Lorelei: ... and she put all my babies in there and I have all ninety-nine in my tummy. [she pulls up her sweatshirt and looks at her tummy. she starts wriggling around] Feel my tummy and you'll feel them getting out of their beds and playing with their toys.
me: Oh ho! How about that!
Lorelei: Yeah. [wriggles around some more]
me: You have to go potty, don't ya?
Lorelei: Of course I do.
me: Of course you do. Why don't you hurry and go potty?
Lorelei: Ok.
me: Ok.

=== Episode Two - Current day ===
We're driving in the car, and somehow the word "pregnant" comes up.

Lorelei: "Preg-a-net"
Storm: It's "pregnant".
Lorelei: [being cute like on the video] Preg-a-net.
Storm: [louder] Pregnant.
Lorelei: Preg-a-net
Storm: Pregnant!!
Lorelei: [laughing] Preg-a-net!
Storm: [matter-of-factly]  Penis.
me: Ok, that's it, discussion over.
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Dinner table...

Storm: Guess what.
Mel: What?
Storm: Chicken butt! Guess why.
Mel: Why?
Storm: Chicken thigh! Guess when.
Mel: When?
Storm: Chicken pen! Guess where.
Mel: Where?
Storm: Chicken hair!

Lorelei: Chickens are birds, they don't have hair.

Storm: Yes, they do. On their little, round, fuzzy chicken butts! (jumps out of chair and waves her butt at Lorelei)

Lorelei: I'm not hungry anymore.
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Lorelei: (looking at a catalog) Hey Dad, you know that whole "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" thing?
Me: Yeah?
Lorelei: It leaves "do no evil" wide open.

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