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Just wanted to share this cool map we've recently published...

The company I work for, Email Ideas, markets what we call Bojos. They are electronic business cards that you can put in your email signature, blog, or what have you, that link to your homepage, etc. Right now we are most heavily represented in the real estate industry, but are breaking into other markets. We provide the tools so that individuals can make their own Bojo (based on a template system), and place it where they want. They can also update their info, control their own links, etc. We host the graphics, plus provide viewership and click stats (for paid users). You can get a Bojo for free, if you don't mind an advert to the right. I'm surprised with how many people go for the free version.

In any case, once every two seconds or so, the map updates to show a Bojo that was recently viewed, and where it was viewed. I like to just sit and watch it. It's cool to see your product in use like that.

In recent months, I've been working on a new system for the creation of Bojos that will allow much more freedom. It's all point and click, you can upload new graphics, link any object or text, etc. And it's getting there. We're on alpha 2 release now, but still adding features. Basically I've created something akin to a graphic editor using entirely Jquery... it's pretty awesome, to me anyway. :) I'll share a link when I'm able to.
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I was on a morning hike on Roan Mountain, and rounded the bend to this sight:

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