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Mila Jovovich falls through the roof of Bruce Willis' flying cab. He fights to regain control in heavy traffic, then finally screeches to a halt.

Me: "How can you 'screech' in midair?"

Storm: "Dad, it's the future."
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*ring ring ring* goes the cellphone. I answer. "Hello?"
"Hi Dad." It's Storm. She sounds bored. "I'm bored. I just wanted to call you."
"Hi Precious. What have you been doing today?"
"Nothin," ...long pause... "Is it okay if I have a live cheetah in the house?"
"As long as it doesn't pee on the carpet."
"Ok. Love you."
"Love you too."
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I found this while clearing her floor prior to vacuuming. She got a check-plus, A, and smiley face on it. I guess that's good. I'm transcribing it for your reading pleasure.

Coyote Falls
by Storm Teegarden

My Dad decided to take me, Jacob and Lorelei (Lor-Lie) to Coyote Falls. We did not see the path so we had walk through the forest. We thought it was going to be a huge waterfall. So we got going.

Just during the first mile I hit my head 8 times and got twenty scratches on me. When we were half way there we took a break. We had to drink lots of water 2/4 of it was gone when I got it. We could hear, smell, and almost see the waterfall. I looked up. All I could see were trees. So many trees.

In a minute I was off ready for more adventure. When I got to the bottom I was cramping all over my body. The waterfall was tiny. We traveled all that way to see a waterfall the size of a door! What a rip off. This sucks. All of a sudden I slipped and fell on my hip. And then my sister yelled at me! Life stinks. Then Jacob laughed at me for getting hurt.

I was so glad to get back up. It was amazing I was moving like a squirrel running away from a cat.

I meant to find the pictures to go with this, but for the life of me I can't find them on the server. Did I ever post pics from Coyote Falls?
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We were driving in the car yesterday, and Storm said something silly, and I responded with "Are you INSANE?!?" Several quick turns of phrase later found me singing "Insane in the Membrane" by Cypress Hill, while Storm countered with "Frontier Psychiatrist" by The Avalanches.

Partway through I interrupted Storm to ask if she knew what therapy was.

"Sure. That's when you are insane in the membrane, so you go to a place, and they give you a squeezy thing that squeaks*. And you squeeze it all day long so it's eyes pop out it's ears pop out until its dark outside. Then they give you a doll and you have to scream and punch it until it's head blows off. It's supposed to help calm you down."

* I think she is referring to one of those Martian squeeze toys

So there you have it.

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