May. 13th, 2009


May. 13th, 2009 08:51 am
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Went to the Johnson City photography meetup last night. Only three of us showed up, but a good time was had nevertheless. Todd was there with some great photos of a little latino girl playing the tambourine and dancing with her mom. Crystal was there with her new Rebel and lots of good questions. And myself of course, just glad to be getting out of the house. I'm having to work to keep from getting stuck inside my own head right now (depression), so maybe if I can get some "getting out" momentum up it will help.
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Some of these results surprised me, so I thought I'd share. Commentary follows the list. According to my webstats, these are my ten most popular* photographs:

10. Meow

Number nine... )
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(4:41:19 PM) vaughnteegarden: oh, did I tell you I got a new car?
(4:41:36 PM) vaughnteegarden: it's made of wood.
(4:41:49 PM) vaughnteegarden: it's a two cedar.
(4:42:01 PM) vaughnteegarden: but I was out driving, and got it into an oakcident.
(4:42:05 PM) vaughnteegarden: then it wooden run.
(4:42:41 PM) Leslie: lol..... that was horrible
(4:42:59 PM) vaughnteegarden: thank you. I try.
(4:43:14 PM) Leslie: ::hugs::
(4:43:24 PM) vaughnteegarden: now i'm pining for a new one.
(4:43:36 PM) Leslie: groan
(4:47:25 PM) vaughnteegarden: one nice thing about a wood car is you can count on it having a nice trunk.
(4:47:32 PM) vaughnteegarden: but you have to be able to drive a stick.
(4:47:52 PM) Leslie: stop please
(4:50:06 PM) vaughnteegarden: just trying to spruce up your day. fir sure.
(4:50:59 PM) Leslie: I beg for mercy
(4:51:12 PM) vaughnteegarden: you want me to leaf you alone?
(4:52:36 PM) Leslie: PLEASE STOP
(4:55:32 PM) vaughnteegarden: Sorry. I mitre stopped sooner if I knew it would upset you. I'm being knotty.
(4:56:33 PM) Leslie: what have you done to Vaughn?
(4:57:45 PM) vaughnteegarden: he wasn't very poplar, so I weeded him out.
(4:59:52 PM) Leslie: I hate you

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