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I have waaaaay too many pics. Random assortment follows. Little City Roller Girls (our team) vs. the Brusin' Burgs.

1. Warmups

2. Warmups

3. Warmups

4. Even the refs are colorful.

5. None of that... (rules demonstration)

6. This lass sat with a whiteboard. I think she recorded score. Heavily inked and pierced, very photogenic.

7. And here we go...

8. A lot of this went on that I missed because my flash seemed to take for-ev-er to recharge. I eventually switched to very-high-iso instead, though the quality wasn't as good.

9. Gearing up for a hit...

10. Our jammer sprints for it

11. Somebody is about to get a hurtin

12. Jammer battle. Chick Norris in the blue.

13. More levitation

14. There is a ref whose only job is to point to the jammer. Makes for weird photos.

15. Just missed

16. Intermission time... looking at the crowd

17. Back to the action. Skull socks. I'm shooting sans-flash at this point. Very bad lighting conditions.

18. More action

19. Blam, pow!

20. Looking disgruntled in the penalty box. The lady with the horns carries a real sledge, in case you get rowdy.

21. Nicely launched hit, no holding back for this one

22. Chick Norris pulls out an amazing scoring run, and we come from behind for the win.

23. w00t!
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