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I'm quite pleased with the overall look of this one, especially considering the three exposures where shot handheld. You can see some foliage movement at the left side, but that is the nature of these things.
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And now, for something completely different. Grandfather Mtn, at 30fps. I have been testing out the video capabilities of my camera. Unfortunately, uploading these to Youtube made the quality look like oatmeal. They are in reality wonderfully crisp, even though I shot them on low-rez (640x480 I think). The sound is just as terrible as you hear though... I am looking for an external mic with windscreen. The built in one has no wind screen, and is highly susceptible to background noise, particularly electronic noise. It also picks up camera noise when focusing. Overall though, I'm pleased. The main thing I'm trying to wrap my head around is... what do I do with it?

One thing the videos do nicely however is get across how freaking windy it was up there. The wind wasn't enough to blow you over, but it was enough to blow you off balance so you fell over. I know because that happened a few times. :) It was a major challenge keeping the lens clear enough to shoot. I had to stop every three minutes and clean it off.

BTW, all you SLR owners out there, don't baby your camera too much. They can weather more water than you think. :) Mine got quite wet that day, and survived without a problem.

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