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This cascade was discovered near Red Fork Falls in Unicoi, TN after a period of heavy rain.

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I assume successfully. I haven't checked. But Dreamwidth appears to be finished, and there are posts showing, so I have that going for me, which is good.

I also have 1593 comments in my inbox. Wasn't expecting that.

Off to explore this new land, and add friends.
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I just want to point out my continued frustration with LJ's performance on a mobile device.  The mobile site is unusable. As in, pages don't exist, images don't display, can't do a damn thing unusable. But no problem, my phone handles full-scale websites just fine. I'll use the full version. Ha! 

This when I visit full version LJ:

Are they even testing this stuff before they turn it live?

The only explanation is they are making a special effort to make it fail this bad.  Good grief.  Hire me for a week guys, I'll draw up a plan to sort this shit out.

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For a long time, my websites have been in a state of limbo. I had hosted them on the servers where I used to work, with their blessing. Then suddenly, hostile takeover! The boss' partner in Seattle got a lawyer and took over our servers. They changed the root passwords, locked us out of DNS, etc.

The website remained available, but I no longer felt safe posting stuff on it, because it could go poof at any time. No longer in my control, ya know? That was about a year ago.

Well, FINALLY got off my butt last week. Got an account, got the files all downloaded, exported the databases, blah blah blah. I got Mel's website moved first. I was amazed that I got it working frankly... new version of PHP, new version of MYSQL, old software. Anyway, it works. Yay. Did mine next.

Now... I feel like I can post photos again. :)

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Hey, I need someone to work with me in Asheville. Must have general web skills, plus specific skills with php and mysql. Any takers?

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Testing,  testing. 

Bummer,  no photo posting unless you're a paid member. I guess thats fair for an ad-free app though.

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Apr. 8th, 2011 12:14 pm
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What's it take to get a decent Android client for LJ? I miss this place. Due to work constraints and much less time on the PC at home, I'm seldom on here. I know having a good mobile client would give me the ability to be more active.

Now that Android has officially passed the iPhone in market share, maybe we can get some love.

And btw, the clients list is horribly outdated.
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I walked from the Zealandia castle down to the tunnel on Tunnel Road, and back. It was quite nippy out with the wind! But it felt great.

More after the cut...
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One good thing about a cameraphone is that you always have it with you. This one is unusually competent.

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High winds today knocked out power to the castle today. They were out long enough that I had time to drive over to the Blue Ridge Parkway and take a nice walk. Briefly looked for a geocache that was nearby but didn't find it. Beeoootiful day out though, sunny and windy. Back to work now.

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Steam heat

Oct. 4th, 2010 08:55 am
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This castle has forced air as well as steam radiators. The radiators sound alive... like demented robotic bees. Or perhaps agonized belabored circular saws. In any case. Good morning.

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I'm on my lunch break, just washed my car and now I'm just standing around killing time. It its soo nice out. Cool and breezy, skies are rich ultra blue, and I can feel fall in the air. I want to just take off and head for the hills. :) but I do need this job thing so I won't. At least not physically. Spiritually I'm already there.

And hey, if youre local or even semi local and would want to hang out sometime, let me know. I am making an effort to get out more! I've been hermitting too much.

Ok, back to job land.

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Oct. 1st, 2010 10:17 am
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Happy Friday everyone. I am scrubbed, fed, and caffeinated, and currently poking at an apache server.

To start your friday right, I turn the entire web into a game of asteroids...


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Most Tuesdays and Thursdays I get to work from home. Today however I get to sit and wait in the docs office. Wheee... Regarding the inescapable televisions throughout the waiting room: wow, daytime programming is truly insipid. And loud.

Very rainy here, as is most of the eastern seaboard. It's finally starting to feel like fall out, and I love it. This is my favorite time of year.

I'm rambling. Later tater.

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The main thing I want is something to help me post. Something that supports saving drafts, can handle picture posting, and can support basic posting options and formatting.

With the most recent release, I can now recommend LJBeetle. It has long been the must promising app, but it had some crash problems that made it unusable. I sent some crash dumps to the developer, and it looks like he finally fixed the issue.

So, all you droidheads out there, search for LJBeetle in the app market. Its not bad.

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The 28th actually, but better late than never. I was preoccupied yesterday. :)

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-replaced bathroom ceiling fan
-sprayed house with housewash chemical stuff. (didnt clean the house but did blister my skin where it splashed me. Nasty stuff.)
-round-upped the weeds
-retrieved forgotten kayak from parents house, cleaned it up

Also played bocce down by the lake with Storm... That was fun. :)


Aug. 24th, 2010 03:14 pm
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I'm in a webinar. It is very boring.

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