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I took a trip with [livejournal.com profile] nonspecific and her father up to Beauty Spot near Erwin TN. We also spent quite a while at a nearby meadow, where the alien lifeform was discovered. More of that in a minute. It was a GORGEOUS day for shooting, with good light, enough clouds to keep the sky interesting, and perfect temperatures (for this photographer anyway). The theme of the day was orange. I didn't plan it that way, but that's how it turned out.


1. Looking out over the meadows

2. The alien lifeform was discovered. It's the orange thing. On the right.

3. Nonspecific, the orange thing on the left, foolishly gets too close.

4. "Ah! It's got me! It's pulling me in!"  Or she may just be pointing.

5. Waxy, leafless orange vines.

6. It's called Dodder, and it's a true parasite. Seeds can lay dormant for tens of years, then germinate when the time is right. The plant will initially grow in dirt, but has a limited time to find a host. When it's vines detect suitable plant life, they will release a new kind of shoot that penetrates the outer wall of the other plant, tapping into it's water and nutrient supply. When sufficient nutrients are found, the ground root will wither and die, and the Dodder depends entirely on its host for life.

7. Nonspecific wields her secret weapon, the odd little wide angle camera.

8. Commercial break for said camera.

9. Nom nom nom

10. Some sort of disease on this leaf

11. Up!

12. Nonspecific lookin all radiant and stuff.

13. The orange and orange, on green.

14. An orangish toad sits near an orange mushroom

15. And now for something completely not orange.

16. Foreground plants in focus with Nonspecific blinging in some bokeh.

17. Attempting to encourage orange toad to reside on orange necktie near orange mushroom for a quick photo. Orange.

18. Just a hare to the left.

19. Surveying the view up at Beauty Spot. I have some HDRI from up here I have yet to finish.


21. I dig that curved cloud.

22. Getting some floral foreground action going.

23. There's a flower in the hole in the woods at the top of the mountain in Tennessee.
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